Christ with Disciples after Resurrection

Here are a set of images from a couple years ago that are some details of the icon of Christ meeting some of his disciples by the sea from John Chapter 21.  This is the scene where St. Peter, understanding that it Jesus, jumps into the water to hurry to shore to see him.  The other disciples are in the boat pulling in the huge haul of fish.  I apologize for the copyright on the image, but I have found work pirated all over, so it has to be done.



6 thoughts on “Christ with Disciples after Resurrection

  1. You know I admire your artwork. No other artist inspires in me a greater love of Our Lord. You are truly blessed with a heaven-sent talent.

  2. We are so blessed to have this icon in our parish of Saint John Vianney on Vashon Island (near Seattle), Washington. Thank you for all the prayer you poured into this icon of Christ visiting the disciples after the Resurrection. The icon continues to reveal Christ’s presence to us, the disciples gathered at the parish to feast on the Risen Christ.

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