Here is a set of images of the face of Christ that I’ve done over the years – I’ve had to put the large watermarks on them because things get sent around and attribution gets lost.  But if you want a print of one of them or want to license the image for publication, you can contact me through the Contact page.

This one is oil and egg tempera on panel with 24K Gold.  A local priest owns the original.


This one below is a large oil on canvas done for Epiphany Catholic Church in Virginia.


The painting below is pretty large – about 5 by 5 feet.  Oil on Canvas – I still have this one if someone is interested in purchasing it.


Below is one of the first paintings I did as an interpretation of the original ‘Veil of Veronica’ images.  Oil on Canvas, 4 by 5 feet.


This painting one from a series of oil sketches – a more informal style.  The subject of this image was Christ hearing the cock crow the third time.


The painting below was also done on a panel with a combination of egg tempera and old with 24K gold on the halo.  For this painting I was experimenting with the sfumato technique used by DaVinci.